Grafham Grange School

Grafham Grange School provides residential education for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. PV Environmental Surveys were commissioned to undertake a Management survey covering the main school, out buildings, and residential blocks at Grafham Grange School.

PV Environmental Surveys, sensitive to the nature of asbestos management within a child-occupied teaching environment, offered the client as much flexibility as needed in terms of working hours. A bespoke service was very much necessary due to the added element of residency on site – traditional methods of asbestos management also required a careful approach to ensure that the safety of staff and pupils was not compromised during or after the survey and the subsequent removal works.

Having identified asbestos containing materials in various locations within the school, PV Environmental Surveys was to project manage a programme in preparation of the removal of all components discovered. This entailed the preparation of a tender document, analysis of the responses, and management of the end-to-end process following award of the contract. Again, strict timetables had to be adhered to as the work needed to be done quickly and safely.

Having completed this operation our next task was to install our unique software programme for the school so that the few components which were left in-situ can be managed easily in accordance with the CAW 2012 legislation. This allows the printing of permits to work, reminders of impending re-visit checks, and enables printed copies of specific area analysis for maintenance and contracting staff to ensure all parties are aware of any potential issues.

Our programme of management continues with the addition of a sister School being added to the programme.