PVES specialises in asbestos surveys. We conduct both Management Surveys and Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys, as outlined by HSE requirements (Paper HSG264). To ensure all asbestos surveys are conducted effectively, our services are specifically tailored to each location.

We work throughout the south east of the UK, including East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. A lot of our work is also in South london as well as Greater London.

In some cases, both survey types are necessary, due to changes in building function or refurbishment requirements.

The Management Survey

Asbestos SurveyorsThe Management Survey is the standard asbestos survey, and the most commonly employed of the two. It seeks to identify Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) which pose a current threat to heath and safety during everyday operation of the premises. As the HSE specifies, the Management Survey is designed to ‘locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect ACMs in the building. Asbestos, which could be damaged or be disturbed during normal occupancy, including foreseeable maintenance and installation, and to assess their condition.’ (HSG264, sect.43).

This is a moderately intrusive survey and may necessitate access behind surfaces or superficial materials. Our surveyor will collect appropriate samples for laboratory analysis and produce a full report. Providing information on the current condition of any confirmed ACMs and risk of fibre release. In addition, they will create a management strategy for the future, to ensure risks are managed effectively.

The Refurbishment and Demolition Survey (RDS)

In any situation where proposed work to the premises would involve disturbing the fabric of the building (HSG264, sect.50), an RDS is required. This extends to ‘structural or layout changes to buildings. e.g. removal of partitions, walls, units etc’ (ibid, sect.52). In larger premises, an RDS may be carried out in the areas due for major refurbishment, whilst a Management Survey is performed on remaining areas.

Under current regulations, all Asbestos Containing Materials must be removed from the premises as far as is practically possible, prior to modification (See HSG264, sect.52 and CAR 2012). To ensureĀ a complete and effective survey is carried out, an RDS requires that the relevant areas or premises are unoccupied at the time of inspection.

After lab confirmation of relevant samples, the report and risk assessment is substantively the same but is geared towards the removal process. A thorough analysis of the affected area is made after the survey to determine the safety of the area, if further occupancy is planned prior to refurbishment works.